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FLOOD CLEAN-UP                                                                            TRUCKMOUNT UNITS                  

Our Green Clean Carpet Cleaning Process

safe for YOU and IDAHO!

"Nothing can compare to OUR TRUCKMOUNT 6

step steam cleaning method!!!!!"

Pre-Vacuuming is a must!

We always start off with pre-vacuuming. Being thorough here will help with the final results. Our vacuum is a high-powered and has HEPA filtration. We never forget to do edges and corners when we clean the carpet.

Pre-Spray for best stain results!

We use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to clean the carpet that have been tested and approved by the Green Seal of Approval and the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. The result is a cleaner lasting, healthier, residue free carpet. No Soaps, No Detergents, No Residues.

Amazing Agitation pulls dirt to the surface!

After vacuuming and pre-spray we use a new special tool designed with 3 counter rotating soft brushes or a brush used to suspend soil with out hurting your tufted carpet while we Clean The Carpet. When pushed back and forth over during the Carpet Cleaning it will suspend and break apart the deepest hidden soils. "A must for thorough cleaning".(This is Optional depending on Carpet Conditions)

Edges and Corners

Have you ever noticed how dirty the edges of your

carpet are even after they Carpet Clean? Over time this area acts like a filter capturing

dirt and debris, vacuuming usually misses this. We use a

special tool made just to clean the carpet of these areas next to the wall and baseboards.

Sapphire Scientific 370 TruckMount!!!! Best Around Carpet Clean Boise.

Steam extraction to remove dirt and stain for clean carpets!

This system is designed to thoroughly flush all remaining foreign contaminates out of your carpet. It will leave your carpet residue free, softer and much drier than other steam cleaning methods. ( We also use a water softener during the Carpet Cleaning because in Boise area water is hard and make carpet crisp if you don't use when you steaming the carpet. We are now offer Carpet Rotovac 360I Carpet Restore top of the line Steam Cleaning wands!

Most Importantly!

Our final step after carpet steam is to then with a special carpet rake we refresh and comb the nap in your carpet making it look like new.

Certified carpet cleaning & home clean services 




Alert Carpet Cleaning And Services

BEFORE CLEANING!!our 6 step carpet steam cleaning in Boise And Nampa Idaho.

Alert Carpet Cleaning And Services

Our end turn out using our 6 step certified carpet cleaning in Boise And Nampa Idaho.

611 S. State St.

Nampa, ID 83686

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